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Culta Panels provides design & Installation services of  Culta insulated Panels & Culta Insulated Doors to meet your projects specific needs. cold storage wall and ceiling panels applicable for an array of building types. We specialize in commercial & Industrial refrigeration Facilities


Culta Panels cold storage insulated panels are superior to any other similar panel product on the market. These Metal Insulated panels can be used for cold storage warehouse distribution centers, refrigeration & tight environmental control of clean rooms & cultivation.


Specializing in cultivation clean rooms,  we ensure your cold storage rooms maintain optimal temperature and humidity control, with quick cool down time.


Our panels are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses between 2 inches and 12 inches. The different spans allow for the specific needs of your project. They give contractors, and owners the ability to control moisture, dust, mold, and acoustic environment.

The panels are used for walls (interior, exterior, and partition walls), roofs, floors or doors in new construction.

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